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Welcome to our new Centre of Whole Body Cryotherapy and Floating in the heart of Prague.
We use the latest equipment in the field.

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Whole Body Cryotherapy

from 450 CZK

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a modern treatment that uses extremely low temperatures to cause significant physiological reaction and to promote the healing process in the organism, particularly, to reduce inflammation and pain, to faster healing of soft tissues and joints, to accelerate metabolism, to improve the immunity and overall health improvement.

Local Cryotherapy

from 140 CZK

The advantages of treatment by extremely low temperature are used through applying local Cryotherapy directly to specific body area to treat inflammation caused by trauma, postoperative inflammation and chronic pain. Unlike the Whole Body Cryotherapy which causes an internal systemic anti-inflammatory reaction, the Local Cryotherapy reaction in the body is analogous to «freezing», but it is more powerful and more effective.


from 850 CZK

Floating allows you to achieve a state analogous to weightlessness. Your body immersed in a bath with a high magnesium concentration is rid of the force of gravity and tension; it is able to swim without effort which results in a deep relaxation. Floating helps to reduce stress, draw strength and regenerate health during a short period of time. The opportunity not to exert the slightest effort, including unconscious ones, helps to renew the organism, releases reserves, and normalizes the nervous and mental state.

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